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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Only one person in the world is gonna understand this post, so the rest of y'all should just ingnore it.

Hey you! Remember that question that that one girl at the Taqueria asked us last night??? I wanna know the answer to that.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys-r-us kid!

Shhhh....Don't tell anyone, but there are only 7 more days until I turn 30.

WTF??? I'm not too sure if I'll be able to accept that. People who are 30 are sooooooo grown up. People who are 30 are married, and have 2.5 kids, and a dog, and mow their own lawns. I, however, am single, have no kids, live with one of the most stuck-up cats on the face of this planet, and actually own a lawn mower, but have only used it once, before I decided that I would hire a gardener. (Hello, run on sentence!) People who are 30 live fabulous lives in New York City, hanging out in coffee shops with 5 of their closest friends, writing newspaper columns about the trials and tribulations of the dating world. I live in a suburb of Houston, Tex-ASS, hanging out with my friends at one of two local bars, singing along to David Allen Coe and Garth Brooks songs playing on the juke box, all while writing (sometimes) on this blog. But most of all, people who are 30 are no longer in their 20's. And I only have 7 more measly little teeny weeny itsy bitsy short days left of my 20's.

Ahhhhh...the decade of the 20's. The decade that I got my second tattoo. The decade that I went sky diving. The decade that I traveled to Europe. The decade that I was finally able to drink (legally.) The decade that I graduated from college and got a "real job." The decade that I got married and finally moved to an entirely different state from where my parents live. The decade that I became widowed. The decade that I figured out who my real friends were. The decade that I figured out how strong I really was. The decade that I faced life, after death, pulled myself together, found myself another "real job" and bought a house. The decade that I moved on. The decade that I did the wildest, most craziest, most dumbest thing that anyone could do ever. (No, I'm not gonna tell you what that is.) The decade that I lost and found hope. The decade that I lost and found love. The decade that I lost and found life.

Ooooooh...that last line sounded soooooo grown up.

Maybe I'm ready to turn 30 after all.


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