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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are the champions!

I am desperately trying NOT to fall asleep at work.

It's only week #2.

When you're new, you don't have too too much to do. Hence the sleepiness.
Oh yeah, and I stayed up til 1am watching The Olympics. That might be contributing to my eye-fatigue as well. But I can't help it. I L-O-V-E the Olympics. Is anyone else as obsessed as I? Sometimes I feel like that girl from the AT&T commercial...the one who is super-obsessed with Michael Phelps.

This is a picture of Micheal Phelps, singing the U.S. National Anthem last night (Aug. 11, 2008) after winning his 3rd Olympic Gold in Beijing. Is it me, or does it look like he's holding up is man boob? Not that he has man boobs, but you get my point.

Micheal Phelps, you are a phenominal swimmer, but please adjust your hand placement after your next gold win.


The Olympic Widow

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posted by The Merry Widow at 12:32 PM |


Commented by Anonymous daisy-head:

He is totally grabbing his man boob. I saw him do it last night and had to laugh.

August 14, 2008 1:13 AM 

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