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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Still Tippin'

It has been brought to my attention that I am being blamed for giving inaccurate time references. I won't say who is doing the blaming, but Guy #3, you need to stop. I NEVER said that it took 4 1/2 hours to drive from here to San Antonio. What I did say was that it takes Guy #4 that long. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I drive like a mad woman and am incapable of driving slowly. If you don't believe me, then please read my previous post. Subsequently, I told you that it takes me between 3 and 3 1/2 hours to get from here to there. So shut your trap, already, or else I'll call Mike Jones and tell him that you are totally not down with "FoooBooo." Then we'll see how fast you drive outta H-Town.

The Merry Widow

posted by The Merry Widow at 4:39 PM |


Commented by Blogger Random and Odd:

You know what they say MW about boys and girls picking on each other....hmmmmm?

May 17, 2005 5:20 PM 
Commented by Blogger Defective Writer:

Guy #3, just wanted you to know, she's right! I agree with MW. HA!

May 18, 2005 8:18 AM 
Commented by Blogger Pissy Britches:

Umm UGH OH..somebody done pissed you off. I like the way you posted that though. Very shall we say professional..If it would have been me there would have been a lot of profanity and exclamation points and ALL CAPS.

May 18, 2005 8:47 AM 
Commented by Blogger Darbi:

So THAT's why you're not going to the Cafe tonight....too sick to hula-hoop but not too sick to sit and watch Anakin turn into an evil black dildo...

That's okay ... I think me and Chris are skippin' the Cafe tonight too. Let's just say it was a LOOOOOOOOONG few days he was out of town and we're needing to *clears throat* catch up on lost time... :-D

Hahaha - the Cafe will be there another time. Hope you're feeling better! And I can make it to San Antonio on a good day in 3 hrs flat!

May 18, 2005 4:24 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

Kristine: SHUTUP! Guy#3 and I are not like that. I'm too good for him anyway. He only wishes that he could have a girl like me.

DW: Anyone who agrees with me will be my best friend forever.

Mrs. Pissy: Hehehe...he didn't really make me mad. I just always have to have the last word. It's a sickness that I have.

Darbi: You caught me. I did go to Star Wars last night (midnight show.) In fact, I went with Guy#3! I had to balance out his nerdiness with my ultra-hipness. So while he was whining about not getting to buy a light saber, I called Mike Jones.

May 19, 2005 4:55 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Recovering Straight Girl:

Merry Wiiiiiidooooww,
Go and see my bloooooog.
It has flowers on it!
Lots of flowers.
Pretty flowers.

May 19, 2005 7:54 PM 

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