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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hello, God? Are you there? It's me, Merry Widow.

Here's a list of some guys that are in my life in one way or another:

1. Hot guy that I talk to daily: He's married and he hits on me everyday. If it wasn't for the fact that he's hot (yes, I'm shallow like that) I'd be totally disgusted with his antics. Needless to say, he's unavailable and I won't do anything more with him, other than shoot the shit.

2. Other guy that I talk to daily: He's married too! And he hits on me too!!! More aggressively than guy #1, I might add. But we've been friends for awhile now, so I usually just ignore the come-ons and continue to be his friend. So guy#2 is also on my off-limits list.

3. Guy I talk to a few times a week and hang out with once a week: We mesh. In fact, we mesh quite well. He always makes me laugh (very important), he's smart, he's random/silly (also very important), and he's sarcastic. Perfect, right? I love him to pieces but I'm not attracted to him. Nor is he to me, so actually, that works out.

4. Best friend from high school: This is the guy with whom I have a marriage pact. You know the one... "If neither of us are married by the time we're like 800 years old, then let's marry each other." He called me last week to tell me that he's totally in love with this new girl and want's to have like 10 million babies with her. I'm totally happy for him, but there goes my back-up plan.

5. Nice guy interested in me: Other than the fact that he annoys me, he would be perfect husband material. (Good job, outgoing, same upbringing, respects women, easy on the eyes, yada yada yada...)

6. Hot guy with comfy bed: That's right, I said it...he has a comfy bed. Draw your own conclusions here. If you're lost, or that naive, then read this link. I don't have this guy's phone number. Nor does he have mine. We rely purely on the fact that my best friend's boyfriend is his best friend.

So I pose 2 questions for you:

1. Why are unavailable/annoying guys interested in me?

2. Why am I interested in the one guy that could care less about me? (i.e. guy #6)

So, God, here's what I ask from you: Please send me a boyfriend that I don't have to share with any other girls; that will make me laugh/smile; that is smart; that will call me, love me, adore me (and I with him); and is hot. Or make guy #6 fit the above listed qualifications. Oh yeah, and I'd also like world peace and a cure for cancer.

The Merry Widow

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Commented by Blogger El Charolastra:

Merry Widow, why is it that #1 usually disgusts a lot of women, UNLESS the guy is hot? Isn't that hypocritical? Life sucks like that.

February 25, 2005 6:14 AM 
Commented by Blogger El Charolastra:

Pssst...from a man's perspective: unavailable, annoying guys aren't just interested in you; they do this shit to everything that has two legs and is female. That's why they're annoying. Also...because most men are pretty much swine shit. Good luck in finding a good one.

February 25, 2005 6:15 AM 

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