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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No One

Even as I write this, I'm mad at him. Of course, it's for something petty and insignificant, but still, I pouted at him this morning as he dropped me off at work. And even though I was being a brat, he and I both know that I'll be over it by lunch time, and gushing over him through text messages...telling him that I love him forever and ever and ever. And of course, I know that he'll send the same text messages right back to me.

At work, during my lunch break, I'll tell all of my girlfriends how silly he is...about the stupid things that he does, or says...about his irresponsibility.... And yet, they all know that these things, are the things that make me love him. They know that I love his silliness, the stupid things that he does and says. That all of these things make me laugh, not at him, but with him. And they know that even though I pretend to be mad at him, and that I pout at him in the mornings when he's dropping me off at work, that I love him with my whole heart and can't wait for work to be over so that I can go home and be in his arms.

And everyday, I wonder how it is, that I became lucky enough to find love. Not just once...but twice.


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Commented by Anonymous debutaunt:

woo. yer back!!! I wondered about you :)

January 17, 2008 10:40 AM 

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