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Friday, January 25, 2008

Too late

All I want to do is go and home relax. That's all.

And the thing is, I can't do that right now. When my house gets cluttered, my mind gets cluttered. And when my mind gets cluttered, then I can't relax. And when I can't relax, I get stressed. And when I get stressed, I get ANGRY.

To make things worse, the clutter that I see in my house does not belong to me. It belongs to THEM. THEY who do not pay the mortgage. Which upsets me more than it should, when I already feel stressed.

So here's what I want: If you don't pay bills at my house, then please vacate it. And if you do pay bills at my house, THEN CLEAN UP YOUR FREAKIN MESS.

Because I can't deal with this anymore. My house is my sanctuary. It's the only place in this world that I go to calm myself down. And if you take that away from me (which I feel like you have) then I am going to EXPLODE and it's not gonna be pretty.

And no. I don't wanna talk to you or you about it. Talk is cheap. I want action.

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