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Monday, September 19, 2005

I like mine frozen, with no salt

Every once in awhile, I freak out. I start to panic. I worry, worry, worry. My palms sweat, my heart races, my mind starts going through every worst scenario possible.

It takes a lot to freak me out. A whole lot. In fact, the last time I freaked out was the day that I realized that my husband was really going to die. I haven't freaked out since then. Until now.

Word on the street is that Hurricane Rita is heading straight towards Houston.

And in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I'M FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.

I lived at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida (about an hour south of Miami) for 10 years when I was younger. You might have heard of Homestead A.F.B. It was completely wiped out in 1991 by Hurricane Andrew. Until Hurricane Katrina, Andrew was the costliest hurricane to date. During my life in Florida, we went through a few close calls with hurricanes, particularly with Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Outside of Florida, I've also lived through a few bad blizzards, an earthquake, and most recently Tropical Storm Allison, here in Houston, in 2001.

None of the previous storms ever scared me. But this time, it's different. This time I am alone. During my Florida years, I had the protection of my parents and in the latter years, I had the protection of college roommates, and then later, the protection of my husband. And even though these people did nothing to lessen the effects of the storms at hand, I felt safe just knowing that they were with me. I didn't have to sit alone in the dark, without power, without someone to hold me in their arms.

I went to Sam's Club today to stock up on supplies. I was totally thinking that I was gonna beat the hurricane panic attack and buy everything I needed before anyone else even thought to do so. And when I got to Sam's Club EVERYTHING WAS ALREADY BOUGHT OUT. That's when I really started to feel alone.

I bought the last case of water. I bought the last pack of D-batteries. I waited in line for an hour to get gas for my car.

Deep breaths, Merry Widow...deep breaths.

I need some Xanax and a Margarita. Do you hear that, God??? I said a MARGARITA. NOT a hurricane Rita!

posted by The Merry Widow at 10:12 PM |


Commented by Anonymous Eirene:

Hey now...

Every hurricane is not going to completely submerge entire regions of the coast like Katrina did.

That said, if it freaks you out that much, you are welcome to come seek try refuge in the hill country (aka Austin) whenever you need it.

In the mean time, be safe and wear floaties. BTW: if it doesn't look like it would be the worst idea in the world, I am probably going to Houston this weekend. Are you up for the tequila and shiner?

September 19, 2005 11:38 PM 
Commented by Blogger Big Heavy:

you can come to colorado for the third time this year. my momma will put ya up. she's a saint.

September 19, 2005 11:40 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

Eirene: Thanks so much!!! I just need a little theoretical slap in the face, to snap me out of things, every so often. You're right...most likely that we won't have another New Orleans on our hands this time around. Thanks for calming me down (a little.) Looks like *I* need the tequila and shiner this time!!! If you're in Houston this weekend, then we totally totally need get together!!! Oh, and thank for the invite to Austin. You're so sweet!

BH: Big thanks to you too!!! I never pass up a chance to get to Colorado. I love it there.

September 19, 2005 11:57 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Recovering Straight Girl:

MW, You can be in Portland in three driving days. Or hell, hop a plane; it'll be a good ole time. We don't have ANY hurricanes here, only volcanos and earthquakes!

September 20, 2005 12:11 AM 
Commented by Blogger David:

hi again,
stay put and stay calm, deep breath in and prayer out. we will all trust together that more devastation will not come your way. May your internet Service provider be with you.
"trust the force, Luke!"


Oh, and RSG must know about the prediction of Mt St Helens blowing up soon.

September 20, 2005 5:05 AM 
Commented by Blogger Freebird:

Fellow Houstonian here and I hear ya! Damn, is stuff selling out already??. My BF & I just booked a room in San Antonio. I think they're going fast because all that was left was a smoking room.

September 20, 2005 7:17 AM 
Commented by Anonymous Nilla:

Yup. I love my area of Arizona. It rains 12 days a year... and not even in a row!

I agree with Eirene- it'll probably just rain a lot, not have you out sitting on your roof looking for a boat!!

September 20, 2005 9:44 AM 
Commented by Anonymous debu_mustbecool:

I'm thinking a roadtrip to Austin is in order for us as well.

I'm so far inland that it probably won't matter, but I hate to be without my air conditioner for even one damn night.

September 20, 2005 10:55 AM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

RSG: I just might take you up on that! I'll drive to Ft. Worth to see Guy #3, then to Colorado to chill at Big Heavy's mom's house, then to Arizona to say hi to Nilla, then to Cali to party with Kristine and David, then up north to hang with you. On my way back to Texas, I'll stop by in Tennessee and make fun of Pissy.

David: There's a volcano on my face that's about to explode. Sexy, huh?

Freebird: Wow. S.A. is already booked? That makes me panic just a little more inside.

Nilla: Last time we had a tropical storm (Allison) it totally flooded here and people totally had to leave by boat. And even if it doesn't flood, there's the wind we have to worries me. You know, not that I'm panicking or anything. ;-) Arizona sounds nice right about now.

Debutaunt: Yeah, I've already booked my spot up in Ft. Worth, chillin with Guy #3 and his nerd friends. I mean, medical school friends. I hear ya on the A/C. I bought a battery operated fan last night, just in case.

September 20, 2005 1:10 PM 
Commented by Blogger madmanan:

what about florida? you can make it a ROUND trip :)

September 20, 2005 2:23 PM 
Commented by Anonymous Nilla:

Ain't Adult Acne so much FUN?!

If you pop it really hard, maybe the explosion with send you flying to Nevada. Which, according to CNN, has had the least natural disasters.

You'd just come back glowing from radiation, is all.....

September 20, 2005 2:29 PM 
Commented by Blogger Nessa:

Okay, I'm starting to freak out a bit now myself. I'm on a conference call right now talking about how we're protecting our buildings (commercial real estate) - it sucks. I guess I should go get the house stocked up.

September 20, 2005 4:33 PM 
Commented by Blogger Naked Monkey Boy:

You are soooo not alone Cheesepickle ! If at anytime this weekend you want to come over and chill with Darbi and me, just give a ring and we'll be more than happy to have you over...or we'll trip on over to your house and chill.


September 20, 2005 5:51 PM 
Commented by Blogger Valerie:

I'm with you Merry Widow. I hate that I'm freaking out because it's still so far away, but there it is.

Stay safe and dry!

September 21, 2005 6:37 AM 

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