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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Thou Shall Not Steal

I'm stealing this directly from Jessie's (aka Hornblower) blog (What's up, girl!?!) who stole it from some other blog. I thought it was pretty neat-o.

1. YOUR PORN STAR NAME (Name of first pet / Street where you live):
Tiggy Bitterwood

2. YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME (First word you see on your left / Favorite restaurant): Volare Kobe

3. EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS (Favorite Spice / Last Foreign Vacation Spot):
Cayenne Cuernavaca

4. "FLY GIRL/BOY" ALIAS (First Initial / First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name) :
M-Wid (Mine doesn't sound as cool as J-Lo. Damn.)

5. ICON ALIAS (Something Sweet Within Sight / Any Liquid in Your Kitchen):
Blow Pop Tequila

6. DETECTIVE ALIAS (Favorite Baby Animal / Where You Went to High School):
Kitten Academy

7. BARFLY ALIAS(Last Snack Food You Ate / Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink) :
Moon Pie Woo-Woo

8. SOAP OPERA ALIAS (Middle Name / Street Where You First Lived:
Kansas (I'm not telling you my middle name. So there.)

9. ROCK STAR ALIAS (Favorite Candy / Last Name Of Favorite Musician):
Kit Kat Corbey (I'll give you a dollar if you notice this reference...you know who you are.)

10. YOUR STAR WARS NAME ( First 2 letters of your first name and the first 3 Letters from your last name makes your first name. Take the first 2 letters of your mother's maiden name and the first 3 letters of the city you were born in for your last name) :
MeWid DeEdw

posted by The Merry Widow at 6:10 PM |


Commented by Blogger Jessie:

Hey M-Wid! Good job with the names, man. I love Moon Pie Woo Woo. Sounds like you should be a cult leader with a name like that!

April 06, 2005 6:49 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

What's up J-Bo! Moon Pie Woo Woo was my favorite too.

April 06, 2005 7:01 PM 
Commented by Blogger Darbi:

I like that. I think I'm gonna steal this from YOU and use it on my blog. Because I was up too late last night and I'm sleepy and uninspired. :-P

April 06, 2005 7:19 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

Then fire and brimstone shall rain upon you! Just kidding...steal away. I can't wait to see your names.

April 06, 2005 7:34 PM 
Commented by Blogger dashababy:

I have to ask,,,, the hell is a "Woo-Woo" ?

April 07, 2005 10:39 AM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

1 part Peach Schnapps
1 part Vodka
1 part Coconut Rum
3 parts Cranberry Juice

They serve it as a shot, down here in H-Town. After you've had a few, you start yelling, "Woo!Woo!" They're that good.

April 07, 2005 11:00 AM 
Commented by Blogger Bitchkateers Unite!:

Oh, damn. I want a woo woo.

Where do you go to get those?

MW, you need to join us on Mom's night out sometime. Lots of woo wooing going on and some asshakin as well.


April 07, 2005 2:48 PM 
Commented by Blogger The Merry Widow:

I'm down. SJ was just blogging about an H-Town Blogger convention that we should all have.

April 07, 2005 3:16 PM 
Commented by Blogger dashababy:

thanks for clearing that up. now i want one, cant wait to go into a bar and order one just to see if they know what it is. hehe.

April 07, 2005 10:25 PM 

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